Naturpark Diemelsee

On foot, on the water, by mountain bike or on skis. The variety of forest, green valleys and mountain meadows, all surrounding the Diemelsee lake, is what makes this natural park so attractive. A full nine nature protection areas in Hesse make sure that valuable habitats such as high heaths, moorland and a ravine forest are maintained for the flora and fauna. Around half the area is forested.

Together with the Waldecker Upland and the neighbouring Sauerland, the impressive low mountain range forms part of the Rothaargebirge mountain range. Setting off through the great outdoors in your hiking boots is a very special experience and well-signposted hiking routes lead through idyllic landscapes. What makes the Naturpark so special is its diverse and largely untouched natural and cultural landscape and the high quality of the leisure and relaxation options.

The Naturpark region offers a wide range of geographical, natural and cultural tourist sights, sporting attractions and services for the soft tourism sector, relaxation and wellness. Hikers can make use of the many local and national hiking routes. The Uplandsteig, Diemelsteig and Briloner Kammweg have been declared "Qualitätswanderwege" - hiking routes of particularly high quality. The Rothaarsteig and the Sauerland-Höhenflug, opened in 2008, are perfect additions to the range on offer and represent an opportunity for unlimited hiking.

Fans of winter sports will find everything the heart desires in and around Willingen in particular. The range on offer stretches from alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and ski jumping to biathlon, tobogganing and winter hiking. The village of Willingen is also part of one of Germany's most famous mountain biking regions. Willingen's bike festival, Europe's largest mountain biking event, attracts around 25,000 enthusiastic visitors per year. Add to this Nordic walking routes, climate hiking, water sports and relaxation at the Diemelsee lake, the many cultural and shopping options in the towns and region, Geopark Waldeck-Frankenberg and geological institutions. Those who want to experience nature and get active could not find a better place than Naturpark Diemelsee.

Naturpark Diemelsee
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